A brand consultancy
focused on food.

In the Wings is a referral-only brand consultancy for folks in food.

We work with mission-minded people to define their values and tell their stories. We celebrate businesses led by underrepresented voices and are eager to work with anyone who does the same. We specialize in openings, launches and refreshes…but really, we’ve got a penchant for anyone as fired up about food as we are. Think of us as your most trusted advisors and cheerleaders-in-chief.

Drop us a line to talk brand strategy, comms, marketing, and cats. No project is too small, and no dream too big.

Meet Daisy
Daisy Zeijlon (She/Her) • Founder 

I’m a communications strategist and food & gender scholar based in Brooklyn. My earliest foray into hospitality took place in 2000 when I hosted a themed dinner party for a handful of close friends and family.

I was 8.

I’m passionate about haggis, tubed foods and therapy. I’m an expert on gendered power structures–specifically, how they show up in food: Asking For It, my master’s thesis, was a digital exploration of how women are denied leadership in the restaurant industry. And, I’ve spent the past decade working with some of the country’s leading food brands.